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Disclosure FilesDateFile Size
 8_Signature_234 MONTE VISTA LN_2777983_JCP.pdf   2021-02-10 11:10:57373 Kb
 County Records.pdf   2021-02-13 15:13:121,016 Kb
 Cover Sheet.pdf   2021-02-13 15:16:4319 Kb
 Drawing for house & retaining wall.pdf   2021-02-10 11:10:0735 Kb
 Earthquake Environmental Lead HERS Pamphlets - 2020-compressed.pdf   2021-02-13 15:12:525,956 Kb
 JCP Report.pdf   2021-02-10 10:44:041,342 Kb
 Notice of Violation.pdf   2021-02-13 15:14:101,203 Kb
 PRELIM-LINKED.PDF   2021-02-10 09:09:31378 Kb
 Permits.pdf   2021-02-10 11:09:30338 Kb
 Proposal for Bridge.pdf   2021-02-10 11:08:59516 Kb
 Sellers Dislosures.pdf   2021-02-13 15:11:0121,739 Kb
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